Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Off the Grid

This week we're thirsty for time off the grid. Here's where to go when you want to leave everything behind:

1. The Cinder Cone Treehouse, Skamania County, Washington

Custom-built by a group of industrious friends, this treetop haven overlooks a skate bowl and wood-fired soaker tub. You heard that right: treehouse, skate park, tub. There's absolutely no reason to look at your phone while at Cinder Cone. Unplug and unwind.


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2. Hostel in the Forest, Brunswick, Georgia

Featuring geodesic domes, treehouses, and outdoor showers, this member-based youth hostel is the ultimate time out.  Enjoy nightly vegetarian fare and sweat lodges during the full moons. Hike and paddle to your heart's content.

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3. Bivouac Luca Vuerich, Italy

This wooden, chapel-like structure was built to commemorate the established hiker and mountaineer Luke Vuerich. The elevation is not for the faint of heart, but the remarkable mountaintop view is well worth it.

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4. SALT- Sandhornoy, Norway

This nomadic initiative welcomes visitors during the summer months. Encompassing art installations, a cafe, and a multi-purpose structure used for cultural events, SALT provides campers with an unforgettable beach-side experience. 

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5. The Free Spirit Spheres, Quallicum Beach, BC, Canada

These futuristic, suspended spheres float in the West Coast rainforests of Vancouver. The spheres have an open-concept design; no interior walls divide the spaces. More importantly, the spheres gently sway with the breeze. You can actually let Mother Nature rock you to sleep. 


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6. Pai Country Huts, Thailand

Quaint bamboo huts in an exotic locale...Where do we sign up?

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7. Off-grid itHouse, Pioneertown, California

"The Off-grid itHouse brings together raw industrial aesthetics with the tactics of green design to forge a new home in the sunbaked wilds of the California high desert."- AirBnb Host, Linda, says about her glass itHouse (..designed to create a seamless experience between the house, environment and life).

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Going off the grid doesn't mean you have to be off your hydration game. Roam with a Cactus Water in your bag. 


Where do you go when you need to unplug? Send us your favorite "off the grid" shots by using #thirstysouls on social media.