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Thirsty Souls: Breathtaking Snorkeling Spots

This week we're thirsty for a place to glide. Dust off your mask and fins; this is our "round the world" tour of breathtaking snorkeling spots.

1. Jellyfish Lake, Rock Islands, Palau

Palau is east of the Philippines and north of Australia, and the Rock Islands are waiting for you and your crew.  Jellyfish Lake is the premier snorkeling spot in the western Pacific.

Swim with thousands of jellyfish who (because of their secluded, surreal home) have evolved to lose most of their arms and their ability to sting. That means you can ditch the fear - these jellyfish come in peace. Make sure to invest in an underwater camera to capture their charm.

2. Lover's Cove, Catalina Island, California

The trip to Lover's Cove starts off like any new relationship, a little rocky at first (with a rocky beach, that is).  Once you're all-in though, you discover the beauty of the depths.

Keep an eye out for the California state fish (the bright orange garibaldi) as you cruise through kelp forests full of sea bass and barracuda. Glass bottom boats get the right of way, and - if you're lucky- a sea lion might steal your heart. 

3. Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park is made up of seven islands and is one of the most remote National Parks in the USA.  Make friends with the queen conchs, sea urchins, and starfish as you explore coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.

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4. Isla Del Caño, Costa Rica

Part of living la pura vida is snorkeling Isla Del Caño on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This former pirate refuge is a playground for reef sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and eels, so you'll be in good company.  In fact, you may never want to leave.

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5. Moloskini Crater, Maui, Hawaii

This crescent shaped isle was formed by the eruption of a volcano over 200,00 years ago. The reef has been protected since 1977, but snorkelers are welcome in this little slice of kalani. The clear water provides visibility of up to 150 feet, so you'll see everything from parrot fish to manta rays coming your way. 

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6. Silfra Crack, Iceland

This crack between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates allows you to be in two places at the same time: there are spots where you can actually touch both continents at once.

The pristine, glacial water is too cold for marine life, so you'll have the joint to yourself (but you'll need a wet suit to keep you warm).

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7. Blue Hole, Red Sea, Egypt

Depart from Dahab by car or by camel and head for one of the world's most notorious dive sites. You're safest on the surface, so snorkeling the clear, calm water is the ideal way to experience the Blue Hole.  Go any deeper, and you might need a miracle.

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