Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Haunted AirBnbs and Inns

This week we're thirsty for a ghostly getaway. It's October; stay spooky or stay home!

1. Forest Cottage Getaway, Low, Quebec, Canada

Something didn't sit right with Life's a Trip blogger Hayley when she visited this charming cottage in the woods. Was it the creaking floorboards, the nightmarish antique portraits, or the pagan altar meant to ward off something menacing? Is it truly haunted? Book a weekend in Low to survey the evidence and decide for yourself! 

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2. The Joshua Tree Inn, Joshua Tree, Ca

26 year old Gram Parsons overdosed on morphine and booze in Room 8, leaving behind an alt-country legacy and a few ghoulish vibes. Pack your record player and some essential oils; rock 'n roll never dies! 

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3. Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans, LA

There are more than a few haunted mansions in the land of vodoo and secrets, but this eerie estate in the Garden District has all the trappings of Southern Gothic lore. Enjoy a beignet and a glass of sweet tea on one of the home's three porches, but don't forget to offer some to the invisible guests lounging next to you. The dead abhor rudeness!

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4. The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston, Great Dunmow, United Kingdom

There's nothing more unsettling than a creepy kid, except for maybe a creepy kid's bedroom. Escape to this ghastly chamber (decked out in the style of a 7-year-old Edwardian child) for a shuddersome night of playing in the shadows. Just don't look under the bed. 

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5. The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula, CA

One Redditor reports hearing unexplained noises and experiencing extreme drowsiness at The Glen Tavern Inn, and his room came replete with a doorknob that turned and locked itself.  Want more paranormal proof? Check out the Travel Channel's investigation on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures. 

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6. Stay On Main, Downtown Los Angeles, CA (formally known as Cecil Hotel)

This one is the most dreadful of them all. 

The Cecil's haunted history inspired a season of American Horror Story. and the inn's 600 rooms have seen more than their fair share of murders, suicides, and bizarre deaths. You'll get checked in just fine, but will you be able to get out alive? 

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Don't want to stay at a haunted Airbnb? Check in to one of our favorite spots, The Joshua Tree House, instead.

Also, we'll be at Airbnb Open this year (No. 17-19) along with speakers Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow and musical guest Maroon 5.  Join us for an inspirational outing, Cali-style!

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