Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Haunted Hikes

This week we're thirsty for local lore. You may be too old for trick-or-treating, but you're still young enough for these notoriously haunted hikes!

1. Superstition Mountains, AZ

Search for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine where the spirit of Jacob Waltz still seeks a massive treasure, but tiptoe lightly because the Apache believe the entrance to the Lower World also lies in these mountains.  

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2. Helen Hunt Falls, CO

The roads and tunnels near Helen Hunt Falls are teeming with ghostly energy. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained noises and have been surprised to find their car doors and windows covered in handprints from the other side after a drive through the area.  Time for a sage cleanse, folks! 

3. Black Diamond Mines, CA

Hike the mines if you dare, but tread lightly so as not to disturb the Wailing Witch or the ghost of Sarah Norton - two women famously executed in the area.  

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4. Spruce Railroad Trail, WA

Beware the ghost of Hallie Latham Illingworth, a local waitress who was murdered by her abusive husband in 1937, who still haunts the area near Spruce Railroad Trail.  Her body was found in Lake Crescent three years later, earning her one unfortunate title: "Lady of the Lake."  

Make a donation to a domestic violence shelter near you to honor Hallie and help prevent future tragedies. This Halloween can be about more than candy, costumes, and scary stories. It can be a chance to do some real good!

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5. Murphy Ranch, CA

The hike to this abandoned, WWII-era Nazi camp is only four miles round trip, but you'll feel like you're traveling almost 100 years back in time.  Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, let Murphy Ranch serve as a reminder to choose love over hate and peace over fear this election year (and always). 

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