Artist Takeover: Jujmo

Jujmo  Visual Artist


Visual Artist


We at CALIWATER are huge fans of your work. Could you introduce yourself to anyone who might not be familiar with what you do?:

My name is Cheryl Weber. I currently live in sunny Tampa, Florida, with my dachshund Lola and boyfriend. I go by my pen name Jujmo (jooj-moe). I have been creative my whole life and decided to make it my career once I graduated high school. I was captivated by drawing at a young age through the movies and cartoons I watched. One of my current favorite cartoons right now is Steven Universe; Rebecca Sugar is a goddess. 


Do you have any creative rituals that you do to prepare?

When I am at home, I usually clean my room and space before I start drawing. A professor of mine used it as a way to calm down before drawing. I also light a candle, because someone told me it helps promote creative and healthy thinking. Although, usually I am on the run from one place to another, so I have to remember to equip my backpack with all my tools: ruler, sketchpad, and my pen box. My backpack has replaced my purse at this point, haha.


Is there any piece or series you've done that you're most proud of and want to share with us?

I am mainly proud of the live collaboration piece between myself, Paul Vitale, and Michael Reed for Secret Walls. It was the first time ever doing a live collaboration doodle with artists that I admire and respect, and it sold immediately on the spot through a live bid. 


How do you want your work to affect your audience? 

I want audiences to find joy and entertainment while viewing my work. The colors, theme, and characters are meant to mesmerize the viewer. 


What other artists/IG accounts inspire you?

I am currently deeply in love with Maisdue (Alessandra Criseo), Oliver Hilbert, Muretz, Caratoes, and Maruti Bitamin. Each one of them has a great way of showing perspective and their sketches are so intricate and cool.


We draw inspiration from the desert and from other dreamers. Our CALIWATER palette includes prickly pear, wild berry, and peach! 


Here at CALIWATER, we're drawn to makers that inspire us to think outside the box and who make us thirsty for creativity

This week we're turning over our Instagram to Tampa based artist Jujmo for a vibrant burst of expression that is sure to brighten up your feed.  Read on to meet the mind behind the funky vibes!


A photo posted by J U J M O (@jujmo) on

A photo posted by J U J M O (@jujmo) on