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Thirsty Souls: Cactus Cardio [Climbing California]

This week we're thirsty for a workout that's on the up and up. Climb these spots in California for desert cardio that's just what the shaman ordered. 

1. Malibu Creek State Park

This park in the Santa Monica Mountains is considered the "Yosemite of Southern California." Snag a trail map and go solo or sign up for a guided hike with a friend; fun is guaranteed either way!

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2. Saroyan Stairs

Head to Woodshire&Beachwood to scale a staircase to heaven in the City of Angels.  You can never go wrong with Zeppelin on your playlist, right?

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3. LA Boulders

LA is known for its famously friendly weather, but on the off-chance you've gotta take your workout inside, LA Boulders is the place to be. With over 175 boulder problems and 14,000 square feet of bouldering terrain, there's plenty to keep you energized and challenged!

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4. Mar Vista Stairs

Another hot spot for racing to the top, Mar Vista Stairs is a great incline for burning calories and busting moves.  Bring your kids, your bestie, or your pooch for some fresh air fun in SoCal. 

5. Mount Lukens

Overlook the Crescenta Valley, the San Fernando Valley, and the LA Basin all at once atop Mt. Lukens. The view alone will be worth the climb! 

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Here at CALIWATER, cactus cardio is a way of life!