Non- GMO Project Verified Foods & Essentials We Can't Get Enough Of

All of our beverages are Non-GMO Project verified, and we're in some darn good company. With Natural Products Expo West coming up this weekend, we figured this was the perfect opportunity to highlight some other incredible brands that are committed to health and wellness. Read on at your own risk - you're sure to be hungry by the end of this post!

1. Boulder Organic!

Boulder Organic! has a simple but bold mission: to make soup better by using "real food to provoke real change by the spoonful—doing things better [organic, gluten-free, non-GMO] for the benefit of everyone and everything."

 We're thinking Boulder's Green Chile Corn Chowder would be ideal for a campfire cookout on a chilly night, while the Summer Gazpacho would go nicely with ciabatta and goat cheese at your next rooftop soirée. 

@Expo West - booth #5646

2. Artisan Tropic

Ditch chips in favor of Artisan Tropic's plantain or cassava strips- made with only three ingredients or less.  With no artificial flavors or preservatives, these healthy snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo certified. AT believes in the power of "whole food nutrition"  to help bodies "function and heal." We heartily agree!

3. Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms is "committed to supporting the preservation of traditional farmers through the development of social, ecological and economically sustainable food supply chains" and to reversing the "damage done to Indonesia's fragile ecosystem." 

Big Tree offers a wide range of comestibles including coconut nectar, coconut sugar, and drinking chocolate.  Their Cashew-Cacao Clusters are calling our name right now. Who are we to resist?

@Expo West - booth #2400

The salt farmer. #Bali

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4. Glee Gum

Glee Gum is the "healthier choice to chew." There's no way this natural gum will take seven years to digest if you slip up and swallow it; Glee has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners, is aspartame free, and is (of course) Non-GMO Project Verified.  

We're popping a piece of Wild Watermelon before our next blind date, and we're handing out Juicy Orange Glee Gum Pops to the neighborhood kiddos next Halloween.

@Expo West - booth #2582

A photo posted by Glee Gum (@glee.gum) on

A photo posted by Glee Gum (@glee.gum) on

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5. Bearded Brothers

Everyone knows that beards are sexy, but what are these guys really up to? Answer: the Brothers make vegan, gluten and soy free, non-GMO energy bars from organic, raw ingredients.

Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla, Fabulous Ginger Peach, Radical Raspberry Lemon..... is it getting hot in here?

@Expo West - booth #5398

6. Booda Organics

Booda Organics makes pure body care products with two important ends in mind: happy people and a peaceful planet. Their natural soaps, lip balms, and body butters will help you find your zen, for we're all at our best when we're moisturized and mindful. 

7. Munk Pack

Munk Pack's fruit and oatmeal combos are delectable grab-and-go breakfasts created with an admirable vision of a world "where happiness is cultivated through healthy eating, movement, and connection with nature."

Apple Quinoa Cinnamon and Peach Chia Vanilla are definitely on the packing list for our next great escape to the desert!

@Expo West - booth #5763

8. Gotham Greens

Holy pesticide-free arugula, Batman!

Gotham Greens uses "technological advanced, urban greenhouse facilities" in NYC and Chicago to supply premium quality produce to its customers year round. Gotham's delicious "always fresh, always local" approach results in falvorful bok choy, baby kale, and butterhead lettuce, not to mention exquisite Brooklyn Sweet and Rooftop Red tomatoes.  The culinary options are limitless. 

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A photo posted by @gothamgreens on

A photo posted by @gothamgreens on

9. Hot Dang

Hot Dang's grain burgers were born of real ingredients in Austin, Texas. Choose between The OG (Original Grain), Big Tex (Bbq), El Guapo (Southwestern), or The Don (Italian) and then pick your pairing (pasta, noodles, salad, or eggs) for a dinner that's as unique as you are. These burgers are as versatile as the little black dress. 

A photo posted by Hot Dang (@thehotdang) on

A photo posted by Hot Dang (@thehotdang) on

A photo posted by Hot Dang (@thehotdang) on

10. EVOL Foods

EVOL is revolutionizing the way we look at frozen foods, proving that frozen doesn't have to mean heavily processed and preservative-laden.  In EVOL's case, frozen means no GMOs, no antibiotics, and no artificial flavors, colors, additives, perservatives, or fillers.  

They've got your entire day covered: try an egg scramble cup for breakfast, street tacos for lunch, and butternut squash and sage ravioli for dinner.  You can go to bed full and happy after three scrumptious meals like that. 

@Expo West - booth #3938

A photo posted by EVOL Foods (@evolfoods) on

A photo posted by EVOL Foods (@evolfoods) on

A photo posted by EVOL Foods (@evolfoods) on

11. NOKA Organics

For vegan protein on the go, grab a NOKA pouch - a superfood blend of fruits, veggies, and flax seed.  Drink the pouch as is or team it up with a breakfast staple to kick-start your morning. We're feeling Blueberry+Beet with oatmeal, Mango+coconut with granola, and Sweet Potato+Goji with yogurt for a day that starts off on the right foot. 

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