The Flavor

Cactus+Peach has made its debut, which means California Dreamin' finally has a signature taste. With California sourced Prickly Pear Cactus Puree and Peaches, you'll feel like The Mamas and The Papas are serenading your tastebuds. The flavor pairing is perfectly crafted with nothing artificial to taint the recipe. This new beverage is Non-GMO Project verified, gluten free, vegan, and contains no added sugar; better yet, it's Californian approved. 

The Benefits

Cactus+Peach provides the hydrating benefits of the prickly pear with the nutrient-rich sweetness of peaches. This brilliant pairing highlights some of the health perks of the peach (peaches are fat free, high in potassium, and low in calories), but that's just the beginning.

This flavor combo also has the potential to deliver some luxe skin benefits when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. The prickly pear contains all known betalains, and peaches contain phenols and silenium; as a result, Cactus+Peach provides double the antioxidant power to aid in the fight against free radicals and to help you maintain a dewy West Coast glow. A sizable dose of Vitamin C supports collagen production, giving you everything you need to put your best face forward as you set out on your next adventure.

Check out our Cali Skin Ritual page for more info on how to incorporate CALIWATER into your beauty regimen with an inspiring 7-day challenge!


Flavor, function, health, and beauty. From where we stand, life is looking pretty peachy.

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