Makers Showcase: Renegade Craft Fair (San Francisco)

We're looking forward to getting crafty at Renegade this weekend, and we've mapped out our plan of attack for spending a day in the Bay with our favorite creatives. These are the buzz-worthy artisans that you shouldn't miss.

1. Latch Key

SCAD grad Whitney Sharpe handcrafts all of Latch Key's ceramic home decor and jewelry with the goal of converging "intention, concept, and quality."  Clearly, mission accomplished. 

A photo posted by The Latch Key (@latch_key) on

A photo posted by The Latch Key (@latch_key) on

A photo posted by The Latch Key (@latch_key) on

2. Jones County Road

Texas transplant Ryan Rogers specializes in mid-century style brass fixtures and lamps with a modern, Los Angeles twist. Trust us, your dining room is begging to be upgraded by the Satellite chandelier.

3. Beast And Babe

Your beloved pet deserves stylish collars, leashes, and beds, and Beast and Babe's goods fit that bill. Made in LA from "artisan and vintage" fabrics, these accessories will help your furry friend transform any sidewalk into the fiercest of catwalks.  Totes adorbs. 

4. An Astrid Endeavor

Astrid's embroidered and beaded jewelry, wall hangings, and ornaments give off an earthy, eccentric vibe that is totally San Fran. Not only is she bringing brooches back, but her Inhale, Exhale wall piece is sure to add a dash of Zen to your living space.

5. 323

These vestments out of Echo Park, CA, combine wearable comfort with clean, mellow designs for an end result that's as sophisticated as it is functional. Read the Renegade Maker Spotlight on 323 to learn more about the phenomenal woman behind the wardrobe, the origins of the brand's name, and the values and beliefs that drive Jillian Maddock's design process. 

A photo posted by 323 (@_three2three) on

A photo posted by 323 (@_three2three) on

A photo posted by 323 (@_three2three) on

6. Aegis Handcraft

If you're looking for quality, made-to-order accoutrements, look no further. Aegis uses American-made materials to craft stamped bandanas, denim pocket squares, leather belts, key fobs, and pouches that prove love is in the little things.

A photo posted by Jess Murray (@aegishandcraft) on

7. Bethany Eden Watercolor

Eden's joyful watercolors are guaranteed to bring charm and cheer to your home, office, or special event. Choose from paintings, prints, and custom stationary in a variety of whimsical motifs to boost the beauty quotient in your little corner of the world.

8. Shades Of Sugar

Who doesn't need a pop of Paris? Shades of Sugar's delicious treats (macarons, madeleines, and tartlets, to name a few) will transport you to the Champs-Élysées with each bite. Bon appetit!

9. Maverick Eyewear

Sunnies are a must in California, and these custom wooden glasses stand out in true Maverick style. Design your own pair by choosing from three frames, five wood types, and seven lens colors for a pair that's as unexpected as you are.  

10. Field Day

Field's Day's frocks are made start to finish in Oakland out of reclaimed, locally-sourced materials for eco-conscious mavens with an eye for fashion.  If you're in the market for show-stopping dresses, jumpers, and hoodies, Field Day's got your back (literally). 


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