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Thirsty Souls: Runyon Replacements

This week we're thirsty for Runyon replacements. The trails at Hollywood's beloved Runyon Canyon are closed this summer, but we've compiled a list that will more than hold you over until August 1st.  Check out these other hiking hotspots for a new trail to blaze.

1. Mt. Lee

The routes at Mt. Lee are for superstars and superheroes - no entourages or sidekicks allowed. Hit up the Hollywood sign and the original Batcave for a quintessentially West Coast workout that's more of an experience than a simple sweat session.

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2. Stunt Road

Stunt Road is the access point for several hikes that culminate in perspective-shifting panoramic vistas. The views of Red Rock Canyon Park and Calabasas Peak from atop Topanga Lookout (pictured below) will leave you breathless and bold.

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3. Franklin Canyon

The Franklin Canyon Reservoir Loop doubled as Mayberry in the opening credits of the Andy Griffith Show, so you've got to take the kiddos and dogs along on this one. Bring back the wonder of childhood with some old-fashioned family fun; get outdoors, unplugged, and awestruck together.

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4. Solstice Canyon

Hike the Solstice Canyon Trail to explore the ruins of the Keller house and the Roberts estate (known as the "Tropical Terrace") for a blast from the past, and visit the TRW overlook for a view of the space satellite testing site that helped launch Pioneer 12 for a glimpse into the future.

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5. The Wisdom Tree Hike

This "magic tree" on the summit of Burbank Peak is rumored to be the lone survivor of the catastrophic 2007 Hollywood Hills Fire. A local symbol of endurance and hope, the Wisdom Tree is a pure place to send up a wish or a prayer for help following your dreams and finding your destiny.

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6. Corral Canyon

Explore an unspoiled corner of the Santa Monica Mountains in Corral Canyon and then chow down at Malibu Seafood for a SoCal Saturday worth writing home about.

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7. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

If your New Year's resolution was to take the stairs, Baldwin Hills is the outing for you. Take the stone staircase straight to the top (315 feet elevation in .2 miles) if you want to feel the burn;  choose the meandering 2.5 mile loop if you want to take in more scenery. 

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Hike, hydrate, repeat.