Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Route 66

This week we're thirsty for Route 66. Buckle up for a wild ride on America's most iconic route.

1. Chicago (IL)

Before your breeze-through of the USA begins, explore all the Windy City has to offer. Take in a game at Wrigley Field, ride the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, and catch a view of four states from 1,000 feet up at 360 Chicago. Chow down on some deep dish pizza and fill your tank; St. Louis is up next.

2. St Louis (MO)

Of course, you'll hit up the Gateway Arch, but you'll want to spend a little more time bopping around town.  Get inspired by cutting-edge exhibitions at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and pose with the glass pyramid at UMSL's Mercantile Library for a photo op reminiscent of the Louvre.

3. Catoosa Blue Whale (OK)

Nemo and Dory have already been found, but this Blue Whale is the slice of Americana you've really been searching for. 

The Whale was built by Hugh Davis in the early 70's as an anniversary present for his wife, Zelta, and should inspire you to step up your gift-giving game. After all, who needs diamonds when a giant marine sculpture is an option?

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4. Midpoint Cafe (TX)

The Midpoint Cafe has been helping weary travelers refuel since the early 1950's. Drop your pocket change in the jukebox, order a Texas burger, and top things off with a piece of Chocolate "Elvis" Cream Pie for a sizable dose of nostalgia. Take a much needed car nap afterwards.

5. Wigwam Motel (AZ)

Spend the night in a 21 feet wide, 28 feet tall teepee from the 1930's at the Wigwam Village Motel in Holbrook.  Each teepee is outfitted with a private bathroom, television, and a/c, so this desert stop provides the little luxuries you need to continue your trek across the US in style. 

6. Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch (CA)

This forest of over 200 bottle trees proves that one man's passion can turn into roadside pleasure for everyone. There is no admission free at the Tree Ranch, but donations help Elmer continue to live out his artistic vision -- proof that the American Dream is still alive and well on Route 66. 

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7. Santa Monica Pier (CA)

The Santa Monica Pier is officially the end of the line. Dig your toes into the sand and debrief with your fellow road warriors; you've made it to the Pacific! 

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