Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Desert Art

This week we're thirsty for sand and sculpture. Come along as we circle the globe and trip out on desert vibes. 

1.  Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV

This colorful art installation by Ugo Rondinone spruces up Jean Dry Lake and showcases the mysterious intersection of mankind and the Mojave

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2. East-West/West-East, Doha, Qatar

Richard Serra's steel sculpture in Brouq Nature Reserve is built to weather the harsh conditions of the Qatari desert, but it won't always look as it does now. As the plates endure the hot and salty environment, the steel will oxidize and change colors several times - from the original grey to a dark, rich amber - which means you have an excuse to make multiple visits over several years. Go ahead and renew your passport

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3. Goldwell Open Air Museum, Rhyolite, NV

Seven enormous sculptures by Belgian artists helped put the ghost town of Rhyolite back on the map. The sculpture park is open to the public 24/7, so pack a flashlight and plan a midnight adventure. There's nothing like outdoor art under the moonlight...

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4. Land Artists

We've all been inspired by landscapes, but land artists marry their inspiration with the best Mother Nature has to offer.  Many of the works are temporary, so live in the moment and soak in the beauty; then go out and make a masterpiece of your own.

(Pictured below: from Bodyscapes II by Jean- Paul Bourdier, Desert Breath by DAST Arteam, drawing by Jim Denevan)

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5. Sculptures at Burning Man

Each year the Burning Man community celebrates creative energy with fire art, mutant vehicles, experimental music, and hula hoops.  The icing on the cake? Sculptures of all shapes and sizes. 

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We've sculpted three flavors of Cactus Water to bring out the best notes of the prickly pear.