[Not Your Mama's] College Major

It's August now, and you know what that means: back to school! Gather your highlighters and notepads, but don't check your sense of adventure at the dorm door. These colleges think outside the box and offer far-out majors for the oddball in all of us.


1. Surf Science and Technology - Plymouth State University

Get your BS in shredding with a degree in Surf Science from PSU in conjunction with Cornwall College. With fascinating courses like Surf Culture, Surf Business, and Sociological+ Psychological Perspectives of Surfing, you'll never nod off in class. The cherry on top? CORN138: Surf Practice.

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2. Landscape Architecture - University of Arizona

Earn a graduate degree in landscape architecture and you'll be an expert on sustainable design, water reuse, and desert microclimates. In short, you'll master the art of creating tranquil spaces.

3. Film & Television - UCLA

Get comfy behind the camera and behind the scenes with instruction in animation, production, screenwriting, and television history. Famous alumni of UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television include James Franco, Carol Burnett, Jack Black, and Mariska Hargitay, so you'll be in good company among the stars.

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4. Outdoor Adventure Leadership - Southern Oregon University

If you're more interested in wild rides than lecture halls, take the road less traveled and major in adventure at SOU. Major coursework includes Outdoor Survival, Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing, Wilderness Navigation, and Scuba Diving, so by the end of your 4 year tour you'll feel at home everywhere from mountaintop peaks to the ocean floor.  Grab your compass and canteen; school is in session!

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5. Puppetry - University of Connecticut

If pulling strings is your thing, pursue a BFA or MFA in Puppet Arts at the University of Connecticut where you can study Costume and Makeup, Vocal Performance, and Advanced Puppetry Techniques. Graduates go on to work in theater, film, television, publishing, toy design, and education. Stay creative, friends!

6. Theme Park Engineering - California State University

Twists, turns, drops, and loop de loops... No, we're not describing your love life - we're talking about Theme Park Engineering! 

This major can be summed up as a mixture of mechanical and electrical engineering with a heaping side of fun.  Design rides, create the stories behind the attractions, and make sure the inner child of each park visitor leaves  summer vacation with a beaming smile.  It's kind of like majoring in joy!

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See you on campus!