Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: Desert Essentials

This week we're thirsty for exploration. Prepare for some wild days in the back country with these desert essentials.

1. Sunglasses

Protect your peepers with a stylish pair of shades by Nakid Imagination, Vaurnet, or RAEN and you'll be looking on the bright side all weekend long.

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2. Hiking Shoes

A good pair of shoes is a lot like your beloved bestie - supportive, flexible, and ready for adventure!

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3. Yoga Mat

Bring a mat and snatch a few peaceful moments while you're away from the chaos of day to day life. The desert is for dreamers.

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4. Adventure Vehicle

Cruise the dunes on two, three, or four wheels - whatever floats your boat!

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5. Hat

Top your look off with a wide brimmed hat and you'll have it made in the shade -- your own personal oasis from the heat.

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6. Squad

Make memories to last a lifetime as you explore, laugh, and cavort with your crew. No one should try to take on the desert alone!

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7. Camera

Document the dreamscapes with shots of the succulents, stones, and stars. Your followers will thank you.

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The most essential item on the checklist? The original desert discovered drink.