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Thirsty Souls: Open-Air Workouts

This week we're thirsty for an open-air outing. These spots in SoCal can turn any ordinary workout into a West Coast slimnastics jubilee.

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Marina Del Rey

Life is a balancing act, and paddle boarding is just the right way to practice standing still and breathing deep. Score a deal for Marina Paddle on Groupon, phone a friend, and bring your bestie. Time together on the water is always time well spent. 

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2. Runyon Canyon Yoga, Hollywood

Take in a free yoga class at Runyon Canyon for a Saturday with both perspective and a view. Donations are welcome, so tuck a fiver in your yoga mat before you leave the house to boost your karmic bank. No one ever regrets being generous! 


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3. Swings/Rings/Ropes, Muscle Beach

Let your inner child loose for a playground-style warm-up on Muscle Beach. Sometimes it's necessary to get creative and break up your routine. Your body will thank you later for the challenge, and your smile will be proof that it's okay to be a kid again every once in a while!

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4. Surfing, Malibu

Sunsets, where the PCH and Sunset Blvd. meet, is a great spot for beginners, so bring your A-game and your best beachy waves. "California girl" is one style that never goes out of vogue. 

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5. Hollywood Bowl Stairs, Hollywood

Like Miley said, it's all about the climb!  Burn calories, tone your muscles, and slash your risk of heart disease with a short-burst, vigorous trek up the Hollywood Bowl Stairs. (You'll also burn calories on the way down.)

Check out Secret Stairs LA for more iconic staircases to shred!

6. Biking The Strand, Coastline

Let your wheels spin on this famed path that runs parallel to the Pacific. Pack lightly and dream wildly; not all who wander are lost. 

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Runyon Canyon Hike, Hollywood