Thirsty Souls

Thirsty Souls: On Location

This week we're thirsty for a chance to be on set.  These famous locations have graced screens both big and small, and they're waiting on you to make your big debut. 

1. The Royal Tenenbaum's House

Wes Anderson created indie movie magic at 339 Covent Avenue in New Yorkโ€™s Harlem neighbourhood, and we think this stylish mansion is just your speed. Take this Buzzfeed quiz before you go, and you'll know whether to channel Chas, Margot, or Richie in your photo op. Break a leg!

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2. Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills

Head to Beverly Hills to explore the stomping grounds of the Ninja Turtles, The Big Lebowski (aka The Dude), Batman, Austin Powers, and more. This has been a hot spot for the film industry since 1947, so be sure to up your shoe game; you'll be following in some legendary footsteps!

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3. Angels Flight Railway

This romantic landmark was featured in both La La Land and 500 Days of Summer, so you can either plan to fall in love or expect a dramatic breakup. Your fate is in your own hands....

 (FYI - The 500 Days of Summer bench is in the park right next to the top end of the flight!)

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4. The Bluth's Banana Stand

There's always money in the ๐ŸŒ stand!

Although Arrested Development is based in Newport Beach, CA, most of the shots were taken in Culver City or Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey, CA. There's no banana stand at the village, but you CAN go to Balboa Island to get an authentic frozen banana. Bon appetit! 

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5. Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' House

Plant your twinkle toes firmly where the King of Pop danced into the history books by viisiting The Thriller House in Angelino Heights (outside of DTLA). This is one road trip with a playlist everyone will love!

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We like to sip Cactus Water at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park where Bill & Ted had their adventures, Apes took over the planet, and The Flinstones kicked it with The Rubbles. There's something truly speical about life in California, isn't there?