[Not Your Mama's] Date Night

Let Cupid's arrow point you in an unexpected direction this Valentine's Day.  Surprise your partner with one of these off-the-wall dates to keep the sparks flying and your hearts racing!

1. Get Lost

Not all who wander are...... you know the rest. :)

Grab your lover's hand and find a garden or flower field nearby for a labryrinthine, moonlit stroll under the stars. What an unforgettable way to spend February 14th!

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2. Hands-On

The couple that plays together stays together, so take a sushi class, zoom down a zipline, or cruise a Ferrari at high speeds to get your hands moving and your blood pumping. Falling in love is full of thrills, isn't it?

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3. Novelty Museum Hop

Interested in learning about fancy cheeses? How about the history of colonial fashion? Whatever your weird obsession, there's a museum for you.

Hit the gift shops and pick up postcards, coasters, and keychains from the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Bad Art, and the National Mustard Museum for a Valentine's Day shadow box as unique as your relationship. 

Don't think I could've survived the museum of broken relationships without you 💔❤

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Just 3 good looking dudes. #pablopresley

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4. Blanket Fort, Movie, & Game Night

Why not stay in and be kids again?

Pick your popcorn, your flick, and your poison (Yahtzee or Scrabble?!?) for a romantic evening of sweet nothings, ohh la las, and 'as you wish'es.  Sounds perfect to us!

5. Camping

It's not roughing it if you're with the one you love. Turn off your phones, tell campfire stories, and share a sleeping bag; quality one-on-one time is so important! 

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Mix up a CALIWATER Mexicali Love Potion and raise a toast to another year together. We fell in love at first sip!