Thirsty Souls: Hikes & Bites [Los Angeles]

This week we're thirsty for a tasty trek. These hikes and healthy bites will give you a taste of the good life in Southern California. 

1. Griffith Park & The Trails Cafe

Soak in some sun while traversing through Griffith Park, then refuel with an avocado sandwich, grilled cheese, or mini frittata at The Trials Cafe.  What's on the agenda for the second half of your day? An afternoon nap, of course!

2. Runyon Canyon & Open Source Organics

Start your morning off with a High-Vibe Chai smoothie, Monkey Magic acai bowl, or a Turmeric elixir from Open Source and you'll have all the energy you need to sojourn into Runyon!

3. Hollywood Sign & Locali

Stars in Hollywood have bragging rights (especially after awards season), but so do the entrees at Locali. Check out their Badass Breakfast Sandwiches, Enter the Dragon fruit+chia combos and Killer Quinoa Bowls for dishes with big egos and even bigger flavor profiles.  

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4. Solstice CanyonMalibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe

There's nothing like a little lean protein (aka fresh seafood) to keep your stamina up! Go for steamed mussels, grilled shrimp, or ceviche at this Malibu market after a Saturday spent in Solstice Canyon for endless #weekendvibes. 

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5. Kenneth Hahn & Simply Wholesome

This LA County park is a 338-acre retreat that features a 10 station workout course, a soccer field, and a Japanese Garden. Simply Wholesome is known for Caribbean and Cajun-inspired dishes and stellar vegan desserts (banana pudding, carrot cake, and key lime pie - oh my!).  Are these two a match made in heaven or what?

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Wet your whistle with Cactus, Cactus+Berry, or Cactus+Peach!