Thirsty Souls: Spin!

This week we're thirsty for a stellar spin. Follow these pointers to achieve spin nirvana in your next class!

1. Form

Form is everything, according to the experts over at Fitness magazine. Keep your elbows tucked in, your grip on the handlebars comfortable and loose, and your pedaling a balance of downstroking with one foot and pulling up with the other. And don't forget to breathe!

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2. Drink

Hydrate in a healthy way by taking in natural antioxidants and electrolytes. CALIWATER Cactus Water has got your back! 

3. Outfit

Splurge on some flashy cycling kicks, form-fitting (but breathable) leggings, and a super supportive sports bra to achieve your best spin in comfort and style!

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4. Food

Gear up with a pre-workout protein smoothie (or smoothie bowl) about an hour before you hit the gym, and recuperate afterwards with a handful of nuts, seeds, and berries to get back to full capacity after your workout. Now you're ready to take on the world!

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5. Stretches

Don't be stiff -- get stretchy! Limber up before class with leg swings, heel-toe walks, and chest stretches; cool down after class with these 5 on-bike stretches from Cosmo

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We are proud sponsors of Pedal on the Pier again this year, and we're excited to have yet another opportunity to raise funds and support for the Harold Robinson Foundation (which serves underprivileged youth in LA).  We spin, kids win! 

See you Sunday, June 4th, at the Santa Monica pier!